Mushroom GF Vegetarian Gravy


  • Butter (1 tbsp)

  • Mushrooms (1 cup)

  • Vegetable broth (2 cups)

  • Corn starch (1 tbsp)


  • Mix the corn starch with water in a bowl until all the starch dissolves.

  • Finely dice the mushrooms.

  • Sautee the mushrooms in the butter until all the butter is gone and the mushrooms turn golden brown.

  • Add the broth.

  • Slowly add the corn starch slurry until it has reached the desired consistency.

Storage instructions

  • Put gravy in a freezer-safe container.

  • Put container in fridge for at least an hour.

  • When storing for more than a day, after an hour, move container to freeze.

  • If frozen, remove from freezer a day before and let it thaw naturally.

  • Reheat on stove.